Too Much Yang Energy

Today I melted faces. Well, this dragon did. This is my ode to the Instagram “boys club” of iPhone editors. It’s amusing to watch the outright ego-boosting of emoticons and congratulations over dreamy landscapes and ocean scenes with perfectly placed filters. What happened to art for art’s sake? It has all been replaced by the importance of follows, double-taps and comments!


Re || Birth

Sometimes we have to make our buildings look a little more interesting. Here’s an iPhone edit I did using a mirrored image of a well recognized building on Lincoln St. in Denver and seagulls from an Instagram artists’ free for all. I used Union App for IOS to blend the images together then added a lensflare using Lenslight App also for IOS. IMG_3743.JPG

Monday~ April 21

There’s a science to art and an art to science. Energy is in us and around us and has positive and negative consequences. How will you contribute to the energy around you today?


…Also my website is in the process of being built by the very kind Stephen Daniel Karpik. That should be up soon as well as more info. about the web designer.